Year 12 Maths

Level 3 Core Maths


Mathematics in Context

Students will:

  • Use a range of mathematical methods and techniques, including using contemporary calculator technology and knowledge and use of a spreadsheet, to find solutions to problems.
  • Use a variety of mathematical and statistical approaches to represent and analyse problems.
  • Generate and apply mathematical solutions to non-routine questions and problems taking creative approaches where appropriate, and test and evaluate answers and conclusions.


Year/Term Topic Title
Year 12 Autumn Term Topic 1 Social media
  Topic 2 Society
  Topic 3 Sport
Year 12  Winter Term Topic 4 Clothing industry
  Topic 5 Finance
Year 12 Summer Term Topic 6 Creative arts
  Topic 7 Health
Year 13 Autumn Term Topic 8 Economy
  Topic 9 Travel
Year 13 Winter Term Topic 10 Environment
  Topic 11 Disasters
  Topic 12 Engineering






17.5.17-7MC0 01 Paper 1: Comprehension 1hr 40 mins

24.5.177MC0 02 Paper 2: Applications  1hr 40 mins


Useful websites

Useful Websites: