Year 10 Science


Students study EDEXCEL Combined Science (9-1) or Triple Science (9-1) from Sept 2017


All students will study GCSE Combined Science (9-1) which is worth two GCSEs.

Students who opt to take Triple Science will complete the extra content during the year outside of standard lessons but in college time. This content will be taught by subject specialists where possible.

All students will have end of unit tests and progress assessments. The end of unit tests assess the knowledge and understanding of the unit they have just completed. Students will have one every 2-3 weeks on average through the year. The progress assessments are cumulative so will examine everything that they have been taught so far in the course. All students are expected to revise for these assessments and revision checklists, key word sheets and details will be placed on the Google Classroom for the students.

Students must be doing independent study and revision throughout the year in order to be successful.


Year 10 term 1 Topics

Mixtures and separating techniques


Atomic structure and the periodic table


Key concepts in biology

TRIPLE CONTENT: Physics / Biology


Year 10 Term 2 Topics


Cells and control



Triple content: Chemistry / biology


Year 10 Term 3 topics

Acids and alkalis



Forces and motion


Rates of reaction

Triple content: Physics