Year 10 English This Summer

Over summer it is important that you relax and enjoy yourselves, isn’t it? And what better way than to read a few books?  The English Department have compiled a reading list to help you select some books that interest you; whether you enjoy stretching yourself with a challenging read, or prefer to read something easier and enjoyable.

As well as the reading list, there are activities you can access here.  These will help you engage with what you’re reading so all those key skills you’ve worked on in Year 9 won’t evaporate in the sun.  They will also give you a taste of the reading on offer from Year 10.

Even better than that, there are prizes to be won!  The awards up for grabs are:

  • Most Ambitious Non-fiction Reading (Activity 1)
  • Most Insightful Character Analysis (Activity 2)
  • Most Creative Transformation (Activity 3)
  • Most Effective Book Review (Activity 5)

We want to see a submission from each and every one of you.

Below you’ll find further information and a list of suggested books, plus links to all five activities for you to complete. All activity answers will need to be submitted by Monday 31 August. If you have any questions please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Summer Reading and Book List


Activity 1 – Non-fiction reading
Activity 2 – Character description
Activity 3 – Transformation
Activity 4 – Quotation hunt
Activity 5 – Book review