Vision, Values and Ethos


We share the vision and values of our partner, Aldridge Education –

“OUR GOAL is that, by the age of 25, all Aldridge graduates will have experienced an outstanding and enjoyable education and be able to sustain the life of their choice.  They will be independent, thriving economically and making a real, positive contribution to their communities.Providing a centre of excellence for young people to learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours for a successful career in the creative and technical digital industries.”

Mission and Values

We believe that all young people have the potential to achieve, and our mission is to help every student to develop a set of key attributes which will help them to progress to a fulfilling and successful future.

PASSION for our specialism

First and foremost, the UTC is about preparing young people for their chosen career. As a UTC, we are not restricted by the government’s English Baccalaureate targets, and we are therefore able to offer a specialist curriculum from Year 10, whilst not neglecting crucial core subjects. The creative and technical subjects offered at Key Stage 4 are all also on offer in the sixth form, which means that our students can have up to four years of preparation for the career they know that they want.

DETERMINATION to succeed in the world of work

Colleges aren’t just for preparing young people to pass exams. They are also for developing the skills and attributes that will allow them to be successful in the employment market and in their chosen careers.  Our specialist teachers all have experience in the technical and creative industries, and our careers and progression team will work with every student to ensure they have the skills and experience to stand out to employers and universities.  In the sixth form, every student has a full day each week of dedicated to career development, with opportunities for weekly work placements with our partner companies.

Enthusiasm for PROBLEM-SOLVING in real-life projects

We don’t just teach students the theory of the digital sector: we help them to experience the reality through live project briefs and real commissions. Whether it is live-streaming the Mayor’s Green Summit on the BBC website, filming music broadcasts from our Live Lounge, or designing a social media campaign for a local business, UTC students have the chance to do the kind of things that most young people can only dream of, and develop the skills that they need for their future career at the same time.

CREATIVITY and an individual approach

We do things a little differently at the UTC. There is a dress code, but it offers students the opportunity to express their individuality in many more ways than a traditional school uniform.  There are no bells at lesson changeovers, and staff and students relate
to one another more like professional adults than teachers and children. We have high expectations of behaviour, and all students and parents sign up to our professional code of conduct. However, we don’t make rules for the sake of it, and our staff encourage students to find their own
individual voice in their learning and enrichment activities.

TEAM WORK in a small, friendly community

Traditional large secondary schools offer a wide range of opportunities and are perfect for many young people. However, there will always be some people who perform better in a smaller, more close-knit community. At the UTC, we will never have more than 600 students. This means that all of our staff get to know all of our students really well, and this really helps with academic progress, but also with personal development. It also helps us to develop great relationships with parents and carers, and to work closely with them in the best interests of young people.

RISK-TAKING – not being afraid to be different

We are a new college; we are very different, and we are still developing our profile and reputation. We are lucky enough to have the expertise of our partner, Aldridge Education, behind us, but we are very aware that every student who chooses to come to us is making a conscious decision to
step outside of the traditional way of doing things. We respect that decision, and how difficult it will be for some students to make. However, for those who stand out from the crowd, and who have the passion and determination to break the mould, we promise to offer the very best levels of
education, support and guidance.