UTC@MediaCityUK Staff Contacts


Senior Leadership Team
Colin Grand Principal
Sharon Cross Vice Principal sharon.cross@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Julie Green Vice Principal julie.Green@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Jane Wood-Greaves Vice Principal
Support Staff
Tom Johnston Network & Digital Manager tom.johnston@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Brian Fay Site Supervisor Brian.Fay@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Kathryn Whitaker Senior Administrator kathryn.whitaker@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Karen Wainwright Data & Exams Manager karen.wainwright@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Anne Dooley Administrator anne.dooley@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Debbie Southern Administrator debbie.southern@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Taous Aitouche Cover Supervisor taous.aitouche@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Chris Ridgley Attendance & Family Liaison Officer chris.ridgley@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Pastoral Team
Nicky Hill Pastoral Manager – Safeguarding nicky.hill@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Sharon Vardar Pastoral Manager – Year 10 sharon.vardar@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Natalie Burgess Pastoral Manager – Year 11 natalie.burgess@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Sanjana Rahman Pastoral Assistant sanjana.rahman@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Inclusion Team
Diane Carey SENDCo diane.carey@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Jo Lane Higher Level Teaching Assistant jo.lane@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Stephen Christie Learning Support Assistant stephen.christie@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Pam Simpson Learning Support Assistant pam.simpson@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Marketing & Careers
Jude Evetts Marketing, Employer Engagement & Admissions Officer (Maternity Leave)
Claire Barker Lead Practitioner
Curriculum Leader – Level 3 BTEC
Lauren Burgess Curruculum Leader – KS4 BTEC lauren.burgess@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Ian Bradbury  Teacher of Graphics & Photography ian.bradbury@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Alex Kelly Post 16 Study – Programme Lead
Teacher of IMG
Daniel Bielitz Teacher of Graphics & Photography daniel.bielitz@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Alice Shaw Teacher of TV & Film alice.shaw@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Zoe Rea Teacher of Graphics & Photography zoe.rea@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Charles Tomlin Teacher of Interactive Media & Gaming Charles.Tomlin@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Bentley Proctor Teacher of Computer Science  bentley.proctor@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Neil Mountjoy Teacher of History neil.mountjoy@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Sylvain Lerebours Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages sylvain.lerebours@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Amy Stelfox Curriculum Leader English (Maternity Leave) amy.stelfox@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Anika Khan Teacher of English anika.khan@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Diane Carey Teacher of English diane.carey@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Louisa Majid Teacher of English louisa.majid@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Costas Mapana Curriculum Leader Maths costas.mapana@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Amanda Wiggin Teacher of Maths amanda.wiggin@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Brian Frizelle Teacher of Maths brian.frizelle@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Lucie Golton Curriculum Leader Science  lucie.golton@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Jane MacGruer Teacher of Science jane.macgruer@utcmediacityuk.org.uk
Jack McDonald Teacher of Science jack.mcdonald@utcmediacityuk.org.uk