SEN and disability

At UTC, we make sure every pupil has the opportunities you need to progress in their studies.

If you have a special education need or a disability (SEND), we will organise the curriculum in a way that will help you to learn, whether you need help with communication and interaction; cognitive and learning issues; emotional and social development; or sensory and physical needs.

A major part of our school ethos is encouraging all our pupils, parents and staff to speak freely about any needs and concerns they have. If you do speak to us, you can be sure that you will be listened to and that we will take any action necessary to ensure your progress or safety.

A student-focused approach

We deliver a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, in line with the National Curriculum. We set high expectations and suitable targets for every pupil, which gives you the opportunity to reach your personal potential. We will give you all the help you need to do this and make sure that no pupil is at a disadvantage because of any SEND.

We know that pupils have different levels of needs and resources. We deliver our curriculum in a way that will achieve good results for all our pupils, adjusting the level of help or resources to reflect your personal needs.

All of our staff, including non-teaching staff, understand their responsibility to keep you safe and complement the support you may receive from other professionals.

Our commitment to SEND includes writing and implementing individual Educational Plans in partnership with subject teachers, pastoral staff, inclusion staff, parents and pupils.

Careful planning and monitoring

We monitor and analyse data against our SEND principles to make sure we can quickly identify any barriers to learning and participation. We also work with other organisations to make sure that we can share our collective knowledge and pool our resources to provide the best service possible. This helps us to develop a support system, staff training, and strategies that will enable all our staff to deliver quality teaching.

We will do all of this in a way which is flexible, efficient and cost-effective.

Please see the Salford Local Authority offer.

If you want more detail, you can read our full SEND Policy.