School Performance Information

As a school our performance is monitored on a yearly basis by various bodies both from the Government and independent organisations. The information pertaining to any inspections or performance information is details below:

Ofsted Inspection

As UTC@MediaCityUK only opened in September of 2015 and have not yet completed a full intake rotation we have yet to receive a full Ofsted inspection however when we do receive one the details will be posted. For more information please see below:

Next Inspection Due: After September 2017

Further Information:


School and College Performance

As stated above the school only opened in September of 2015 and our performance figures have not yet been released however when they are available they will be posted on our website along with the governments own school and colleges performance site which is reachable at: 

Also whilst we have not yet completed a full exam rotation our first main exam season is: May-June 2017

Following this our first set of full exam result will be in: August 2017

Here is the link to our performance information: (Full exam rotation not yet completed, we will post the link here when it is.)


Other Information

If you would like any more information about our school performance information please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 0161 661 3947