Statutory Information

This page contains all of the annual reports and accounts that we must produce by law to be available for public viewing. Please feel free to view any of the information below as and when you wish and let us know if there are any issues by contacting us on

Our Charity Trustees

The names of our charity trustees are as follows:

  • Sir Rod Aldridge OBE
  • Helen Marshall
  • Julie Fawcett OBE
  • Rebecca Martin

Annual Members’ Report & Audited Accounts

PDF: Annual Audited Accounts 2015

PDF: Audited Annual Accounts 2015-16

PDF: Audited Annual Accounts 2016/17

Funding Agreement

PDF: Funding Agreement

Pupil Premium Report

PDF: Pupil Premium Review Document 2020-2021

PDF: Post 16 Catchup Funding

Memorandum of Association

PDF: Articles of Association