Our policies and other formal documents are presented below. Download a copy of any you require.

We use both local policies for the UTC and Trust policies for Aldridge Education, where a Trust policy exists a local policy doesn’t exist.

Local Policies

PDF: Disabled Accessibility Policy

PDF: Admissions for September 2022

PDF: Charging and Remission Policy 2015

PDF: Anti bullying Policy

PDF: Equal Opportunities Policy

PDF: Hardship Policy (Part of the Equality Policy)

PDF: Ethos, Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy

PDF: Special Educational Needs Policy

PDF: Bring Your Own Device Policy 

PDF: Exclusions Policy 


PDF: Remote Learning Policy

PDF: RSE Policy

Trust Policies

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Attendance Policy

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Complaints_Procedure

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Data_Protection_Policy

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Equality_Diversity_Policy

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Freedom_of_Information_Policy_and_Procedure

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Health_Safety_Policy_P1

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Health_SafetyPolicy_P2

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Human_Trafficking_and_Modern_Slavery_Policy

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Provider_Access_Statement_under_Section_42B_of_the_Education_Act_1997

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Safer_Recruitment_Policy

LINK: Aldridge Safeguarding Child Protection Policy

LINK: Aldridge Education Covid-19 Safeguarding

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Scheme_of_Delegation_ARCI

LINK: Aldridge_Education_Whistleblowing_Policy

We can send you a paper copy for any of our policies free of charge. If you would like one please contact us at information@utcmediacityuk.org.uk or speak to our reception team on 0161 661 3947.