Governing Body

We would like to welcome you to our Local Governing Committee who are responsible for ensuring that the UTC provides a high-quality educational experience.

As a member of the Aldridge Education family of schools, our Local Governing Committee is part of the overall governance structure of the multi-academy trust.  Please see the Aldridge Education website for further information on Governing Policies and Accountability.

Chair of Governors

Dr Janet Lord –  Chair of Governors

Trust Governors

Chenayi Mutambasere

Colin Grand – Principal

John McCarthy

Nigel Howe

Julia Fawcett OBE – Chief Executive, The Lowry

Julia Fawcett is the chief executive of The Lowry, one of the largest performance and visual arts centres in the UK, located at Salford Quays in Greater Manchester.

Appointed in June 2002, she is responsible for ensuring the artistic and commercial success of the Centre, which is also a registered charity. (No: 1053962) Since she joined The Lowry, visitor numbers have risen steadily – with over 820,000 people currently passing through the doors each year – making The Lowry one of the most popular visitor attractions in the North West of England.

She has developed formal partnerships between The Lowry and Birmingham Royal Ballet, the National Theatre, Opera North and Rambert. In doing this, Julia has positioned the Centre as the home for touring productions of some of the UK’s leading cultural institutions.

Prior to joining The Lowry, she was the chief executive of Dynamic Earth Enterprises Ltd in Edinburgh, one of Scotland’s largest visitor attractions. She also spent ten years at Granada Group Plc, running a number of their commercial assets.

A graduate of Bristol University, where she studied Drama, Film & Television, Julia is now a Council Member of the University of Salford where she is Lead Member for Arts & Humanities, a Governor of a local high school and a Trustee of the University Technical College at MediaCityUK. The University of Salford conferred an honorary doctorate on Fawcett in 2008.

Staff Governors

Nicky Hill – Pastoral Manager

Parent Governors

Vivien Chasey

Clerk to Governors

Kimberley Seymour

Remit of the Local Governing Committee

Our Local Governing Committee provides scrutiny of the delivery of the UTC’s Improvement Plan and monitors expenditure against the UTC budget, thus holding the school’s leadership to account. It ensures that enterprise and entrepreneurship are embedded in all aspects of UTC life and that the local community is engaged with the UTC, so that the school is properly meeting its community’s needs.

Remit of the Committees

Education Committee:

This Committee is established to monitor and support the UTC’s Development Plan with specific regard to the curriculum, teaching and learning, academic standards and entrepreneurial activities. The duties of the Education Committee are as follows, inter alia:-

  • To monitor and support the Improvement Plan.
  • To monitor and support the UTC’s Self Evaluation Form.
  • To support teaching and learning within the UTC.
  • To monitor the standards achieved and pupil progress with regard to academic matters.
  • To be made aware of the standards achieved with regard to attendance and behaviour.
  • To make recommendations on curriculum policy matters to the Board of Governors.
  • To carry out the Governors’ responsibilities in relation to children with special educational needs and Looked After Children.
  • To monitor, review and advise on the staffing structure in consultation with the Principal and Business Committee.
  • To establish a cycle of Governor visits to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the work of the UTC in improving the education of students.
  • To keep under review staff working conditions and wellbeing including the monitoring of absence.

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Business Committee:

This Committee is established to support the Board in its responsibilities for issues relating to managing the UTC’s business, budget, financial resources, audit and human resources matters (excluding the pay of staff).  The Committee shall also work to support the entrepreneurial activities of the UTC.

The duties of the Business Committee are as follows, inter alia:-

  • To contribute to the formulation of the UTC’s Development Plan, through the consideration of financial priorities and proposals, in consultation with the Principal, and within the stated and agreed aims and objectives of the UTC.
  • To consider the UTC’s indicative funding, notified annually by the EFA, and to assess its implications for the UTC, in consultation with the Principal, in advance of the financial year, drawing any matters of significance or concern to the attention of the Board of Governors
  • To consider a draft of the UTC’s formal budget plan each financial year and to recommend acceptance / non-acceptance to the Board of Governors in time for the EFA submission deadline.
  • To make recommendations on the broad budget headings and areas of expenditure to be adopted each year, including the level and use of any contingency fund or balances, ensuring the compatibility of all such proposals with the development priorities set out in the development plan.
  • To monitor expenditure against the budget and present a report to each scheduled meeting of the Board of Governors and to exercise virement between heads of expenditure of the budget up to limit agreed by the Board of Governors.
  • To monitor and review expenditure on a regular basis, to seek to ensure that there is full compliance with the Financial Regulations of the UTC and to ensure compliance with the overall financial plan for the UTC and with the financial regulations of the EFA, drawing any matters of concern to the attention of the Board of Governors.
  • To receive relevant reports from the Responsible Officer in relation to matters of business management or finance and financial procedures, to recommend to the Board of Governors action as appropriate in response to audit findings and to arrange follow up on all issues raised in the latest Audit Report other than those within the remit of the Education Committee.
  • To recommend to the Board of Governors the appointment or re-appointment of Auditors.
  • To review with the external auditors, the findings of their work, including, any major issues that arose during the course of the audit and to review and monitor the content of the external auditor’s management letter.
  • To monitor and review procedures for ensuring the implementation and effectiveness of operational and financial procedures, on a regular basis, including the implementation of bank account arrangements and, where appropriate to make recommendations for improvement.
  • To prepare the financial statement to form part of the annual report of the governing body and for filing in accordance with Companies Act.
  • To ensure that the acquisition and disposal of assets, and income from the sale of assets, is managed in line with the UTC’s financial regulations.
  • To seek to ensure proper and adequate management and maintenance of the UTC’s premises, facilities and other assets.
  • To decide rates and make all other policy decisions relating to the hiring of UTC facilities.
  • To ensure the identification and monitoring of operational risks and to ensure that major risks that might affect the attaining of the UTC’s strategic objectives are identified and reported to the Board of Governors.
  • To monitor and review Health & Safety provision generally (including associated risk assessment and management) and specifically in respect of educational visits off-campus and in respect of premises & facilities provision and operation.
  • To determine appropriate insurance arrangements, having regard to identified risks, and to ensure they are put in place.
  • To monitor, review and advise on matters relating to fund-raising and charitable involvements and marketing.
  • To liaise with and receive reports from the Education Committee, as appropriate, and to make recommendations to that Committee about the financial aspects of matters it has under consideration.
  • To monitor, review and advise the Board of Governors on human resources matters in conjunction with the Principal and the Education Committee.
  • To advise the Board of Governors on, and where necessary to deal with, any other matter not specifically within the remit of any other Committee of the Board of Governors, except where the Board of Governors has reserved such consideration to itself.

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Performance Review Committee: 

The Performance Review Committee is an independent committee with delegated decision making powers that reports to the Board of Governors. It’s responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Governors on the UTC’s Pay Policy.
  • Reviewing the Principal’s recommendations on applications for progression to the Upper Pay Spine.
  • Reviewing the Principal’s recommendations based upon performance reviews for pay progression of the Leadership Team.
  • Reviewing and approving the Salary Reviews for all staff.

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Governors Registers of Interest and Attendance

Download a PDF of our Governors Registers of Interest and Attendance