How old do I have to be join UTC@MediaCityUK?

We are accepting applications from students going in to Year 10 or Year 12 in September 2020. If you are a slightly older student and think you may still qualify for Year 12, get in touch with our admissions team and we’ll clarify whether you are able to apply.

Will I have to wear a uniform?

No – there are many ways University Technical Colleges are different to schools. Having a dress code, rather than a uniform is one of those differences. We want to get you ready for the workplace, we expect students to look smart and professional.

How long is the college day?

To give you the time to undertake academic and technical studies the school day the UTC is typically from 8.30 – 3.30pm. We will be open from 8.00am for students who wish to use the production, post production and design labs. On Fridays we close at 5.00pm.

Will there be homework?

There will be personal study tasks to complete at home, but these should never be set for the next day. Most of the work is completed in the college day and of course, you can access your learning online at anytime you like – for revision purposes or to finish a piece of work, for example.

Will I be able to go on to University?

Yes – depending on your GCSE and A level grades, of course. We’re sponsored by the University of Salford who offer courses that build on what you’ll learn with us, plus many more. The qualifications you achieve with us also allow you to apply for appropriate courses at any university.

Do I need certain grades to get in at UTC@MediaCityUK?

Not if you’ll be joining us in Year 10.

If you’ll be joining us in Year 12, you can see the entry requirements on page 17. The only other factor you should consider is that, if we are oversubscribed, places are allocated on the basis of our Admissions Policy, which ensures an allocation of places across Greater Manchester.

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What kind of work experience will I get?

In a word, lots! The focus of University Technical Colleges is to give students hands-on work experience. At UTC@MediaCityUK, we’re lucky to have links with some of the biggest and best names in the creative and digital industries.

What if I’m not sure which specialist area to choose?

Year 10 students will experience several areas  before choosing from. Year 12 students will need to decide from three before joining us. Please contact us if you need to ask more questions.

What is a UTC?

A University Technical College offers students aged from 14 to 18 a sound academic education while also preparing them for the world of work.At UTC@MediaCityUK, this preparation takes the form of work experience, mentoring and master classes with our many employer partners. These include: ITV, Imperial War Museum North, The Lowry, Adobe, Apple and the Royal Exchange Theatre.

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Are there fees to attend?

No. UTC’s are government-funded and so students do not have to pay in order to attend.

Will free school meals be available?

Yes, subject to the rules of your Local Authority.

Will students be selected on ability?

At Year 10, places aren’t offered on the basis of a student’s grades.

We do have specific entry requirements for Year 12.

What we would like to see is an existing interest in some aspect of digital technology, new media or broadcasting. This could take the form of an interest in designing 3D characters, recording and producing audio tracks on a computer or helping out with the sets at the local theatre.

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Will the UTC cater for children with SEN?

Yes – we’ll work closely with partner Local Authorities to ensure all students with SEN receive the appropriate support. This support will be in full compliance with the SEN Code of Practice (2014) and The Equality Act (2010). Our designated SENDCo will provide training for staff and mentors, and the progress of those with SEN will be monitored by using Individual Learning Plans.

What are the advantages for my child at a UTC?

UTCs provide a work-related learning environment for students who could benefit from a balance of academic and vocational studies. This could be because they have a strong interest in digital and creative areas not effectively covered by the existing school curriculum – editing soundtracks, creating animated films or designing websites, for instance. Through work placements, mentoring and master classes provided by our employer partners, we give our students the work-ready skills that companies in the creative and digital industries are looking for.

Why is it important for students to have work placements?

Feedback from employers in the creative and digital sector indicates that there is a growing shortage of young people with the right kinds of skills. By establishing a UTC that’s located at MediaCityUK – the hub of the creative and digital industries in the North – we aim to create a supply of people with the skills companies need.

Isn’t 14 too young to specialise?

Students continue to receive a rounded education through lessons in core subjects such as English, maths, science and PE. In order to pick up the practical skills employers require, students need to start learning them early within their education.

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Where do students go if they leave at 16?

At this stage of their education, if they choose not to stay on with us for Key Stage 5, a student will have taken a number of GCSEs along with a BTEC first Edexcel Level 2 Certificate in Creative Media Production. This could allow the student to apply for work in the creative and digital media industries, combine work with further training in the form of an apprenticeship, or study for professional qualifications such as NVQs at Salford City College.

Where do students go when they leave at 18?

At this stage of their education, a student will have taken a number of A levels along with, at minimum, a BTEC Extended Diploma Level 3 or an Extended Certificate Level 2 in Creative Media Production in their chosen specialist area. The student would now have three career choices – apply for work in the creative and digital media industries, combine work with further training in the form of an apprenticeship or apply for a university degree – Graphic Design at the University of Salford, for example.

Will the UTC help my child’s job prospects?

The purpose of UTC@MediaCityUK is to swell the talent pool of skilled young people available to work in the creative and digital sector. One in ten jobs in the North West are now in this sector – many linked to MediaCityUK and Greater Manchester, which is the second largest creative and digital city in Europe.

Can UTC students go to university?

If they complete Years 12 and 13, then yes they can, depending on A levels achieved. What’s more, much of our course content has been shaped by our university partner, the University of Salford. As a result, the degree courses they offer closely complement and build on what our students will have learned. The qualifications we offer also allow our students to apply for appropriate courses at any other university.


How will the UTC students acquire work-related skills?

in the specialism students will complete a live brief at least 3 times per year with an employer and benefit from masterclass sessions and expert talks from industry professionals. In addition, our curriculum is underpinned by a strong thread of entrepreneurship, teaching students the principles of teamwork, problem-solving, creativity and determination.

How does the UTC fit into MediaCityUK?

Located close to all of the key MediaCityUK employers and facilities, we have forged strong links with both large and small companies in the digital and creative sector, and students will benefit from the close working relationships with the leading employers there.

What kind of involvement does the UTC want from employers?

We encourage digital and creative sector companies of all sizes and expertise to get involved. They can help to shape courses, provide expert tuition, talk to the students at open days, provide live briefs and offer work placements.

What types of employers are involved in the UTC?

The world-class companies already involved as partners include ITV, Cisco, Flix, The Landing, RM, Oracle, BBC, Adobe, dock10, Unity Radio and UKFast.

What hardware and software will students be using at the UTC?

Students will have access to professional standard equipment and software across all the specialist study areas, both at the UTC and via the University of Salford. Work placements will give the students further exposure to industry-leading facilities and skills.

For more information about working with UTC@MediaCityUK contact us on 0161 661 3947 or information@utcmediacityuk.org.uk