Employer Engagement

The Umbrella Project – MediaCityUK

The Umbrella Project is an Art Installation consisting of hundreds of suspended
brightly coloured umbrellas. The launch date is Thursday 28 June at the Piazza at
MediaCityUK. The project is designed to celebrate the gifts, talents and
academic achievements of children and young people with ADHD, autism and
related neurodevelopmental conditions, learning difficulties and mental health needs.
On Wednesday 13th June our students worked with the ADHD Foundation to produce
twenty colourful umbrellas. Our students designed an umbrella that will be part of this
installation. The students wrote their name, age and the caption:‘my super power is …’
The aim is to help educate all children and young people about invisible disabilities,
to help reduce isolation experienced by many children and young people, and to
celebrate their gifts and talents.

The first installation took place last summer in the centre of Liverpool. Each umbrella
used was signed by a child ‘My Superpower is…’
The Foundation involved a number of schools in Merseyside as part of the campaign,
and it was these children who declared their Superpower on the umbrella.
During last year’s campaign in Liverpool, the installation received 30 Million
media hits across multiple media platforms. The colourful spectacle captured the
public imagination, sparking regional and national conversations about how we
should celebrate the talents and potential of children and young people who were
previously seen as special for what they could not do – rather than what they can do.
The installation was replicated in a number of countries across Europe.

Radio Interview – Radio 5 Live

Four Year 10 students were part of a news discussion / debate at BBC Radio 5 live on Thursday
19th April. Our students were asked questions about several news related issues hitting the
headlines that day.
This was amazing experience for them; entering a national radio station at Media City UK,
meeting their staff and being involved in a debate that went out live on air.

The students came out of the studio buzzing with excitement; they had a lot to say and
were confident explaining how they felt on each subject coming from a youth perspective.

BBC Radio 5 Live staff were impressed with the maturity and passion of our students.

Media City Unplugged

MCUK Live event at Ziferblat

Well done to Jasmine who volunteered on the Media City Unplugged Music
video over the Easter holidays. She worked with Captive North filming live at
Ziferblat at Media City UK. She filmed the performers throughout the day,
capturing great content for Media City Unplugged.

Tom from Captive North said “Jasmine was a fantastic asset to our team, we
were really impressed. She was able to take directions via the headset during
the session and get great shots on the camera”

Well done Jasmine!


More info coming on the following projects soon!! Watch this space……..