Computer Science Year 10

Exam Board: OCR
The beginning is always the toughest but this is where you will gain many skills. Be prepared to learn an exciting and powerful language called ‘Python’. It is one of the most ubiquitous languages in existence and is used extensively in industry.
Your first year in Computer science will include studying the following major topics:
1.    The inside of a computer
2.    The working of the CPU
3.    Binary logic
4.    Representing data
5.    System software
6.    System security
If you want to get a head start with Python, look into completing a beginners course at
How will you be assessed?
You will be assessed frequently over the year to see how you are developing. Your assessments will allow you to understand the progress you have made and will also help your teacher understand which areas you need extra support with. You will be assessed in a variety of ways but you should definitely expect to be graded based on your programming techniques and the way you analyse programming problems.
You will have a target grade and all your assessments will be used to help you reach or even exceed your target.