Computer Science Year 11

Curriculum Subject: Computer Science


Exam Board: AQA

Autumn Term

The Autumn term will pick up where the previous year left off. You will be learning more about topics that will be covered in the summer examinations, many of which will be brand new to you. Some of the topics to expect are:

  1. Databases
  2. Networks
  3. Client-server model
  4. Client-side programming
  5. Server-side programming

Spring Term


If you are being examined in 2017, you will be starting your second programming controlled assessment.

Each controlled assessment is worth 30% so it is essential that time is invested widely by all students who wish to achieve well before completing the summer examination.


If you are being examined in 2018 onwards, this term will be focused on making you ready for the two exams in the newly developed course.


●        Paper 1 – 40% – Computational thinking and problem-solving exam

●        Paper 2 – 40% – Written assessment

 Summer term

The final term will be focused on consolidating all the learning over the previous 2 years in preparation for the examination(s). Some of the final parts of Computer Science theory include topics such as:

  1. Bits and Bytes
  2. Binary and hexadecimal
  3. Character sets
  4. Sound
  5. Images
  6. Computer technology in society