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SEND - Arrangements for supporting students with SEN in a transfer between phases of education or in prep for adulthood

At the UTC we recognise the difficult decisions or circumstances that may have led to a change of school at a non-typical point of entry, in Year 10. So, with this in mind we offer extensive and personalised transition packages, before you even start with us in September. These include; Key Stage co-ordinator host open events throughout the year to welcome potential Year 10 & Year 12 students. Individual visits to the UTC can be arranged, where appropriate.
Addition transition days for SEN/D students, School transfers all available data about the student, from previous school, on the date of enrolment.

Where students are choosing to attend a different post 16 provider, support will be given to ensure their transition is smooth and supported by the receiving setting.

Attending University interviews and taster days will be supported where necessary, and absence coded appropriately. For students needing a little extra support to build their independence we offer a besoke program including life skills, community projects and travel training.